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Naturale Niche prides itself on our compassionate caring attitude and high level of skills offered by our professional therapists. At Naturale Niche we offer a range of Natural therapies including...
- Relaxation & Aromatherapy Massage
 - Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage
 - Pregnancy Massage
 - Aromatherapy Massage
 - Chinese Cupping
 - Kinesiology Counselling, Holistic Kinesiology, Nutritional Testing, Spiritual Kinesiology, Kids     Kinesiology.
 - Spiritual Healings & Intuitive Spiritual Massage
 - Reiki
 - Seichim
 - Chiron Healing
 - Ear candling
 - Pellowah Energy Healings
 - Crystal Healings



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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can be performed by itself or with reiki, kinesiology, massage or other therapies such as sound and light. Crystals are chosen by therapist and/or client to correlate with the chakras, sometimes a crystal card reading can be done to assist in giving clarity to what may need focusing on for the individual. You may experience this as calming, revitalising, grounding, peaceful, relaxing, spiritual, emotional or even beneficial for physical ailments.