Naturale Niche provides several therapeutic services, therefore allowing you to find your best suited path and best outcomes for your health & wellbeing. We are also a seller of  crystals, giftware and gift vouchers.
I believe strongly that preventative care is paramount to our well being, with such busy and stressful life demands today, adding  in regular therapeutic assistance will only benefit your health and well being and create a more balanced and harmonious you. I use many alternative/complimentary modalities to achieve optimal balance for your mind/body/spirit -  Leading to optimal overall health!
Kylie has always had a passion for helping others heal. Having had the privilege of a long career as a counsellor, Kylie has worked with all ages from small children to adults and families as a unit. She has assisted with many different issues ranging from anxiety/depression, intellectual/mental issues, disabilities,family or rship issues,trauma whether that is childhood/accident/rship or other and much more.
Kylie has also always been drawn to alternative modalities and medicine for preventative,complimentary healthcare rather than only mainstream . This includes developing intuitive psychic gifts when she was younger that continue to grow everyday, to communicate with the body on many invisible levels and also with spirit.
Over the past 12 years as a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner, Kylie has continued to work with all ages from small children aged 2 upto adult and often finds herself working with entire family units. Kylie offers Kinesiology Counselling, Holistic spiritual Kinesiology, Intuitive/psychic spiritual healings in the form of both massage, kinesiology and pure energetic healings such as reiki/ pellowah and shamanic/soul healings which work with all layers of your being. 
Kylie also does Relaxation, Pregnancy, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Remedial/Deep tissue Massage, Spiritual Intuitive Massage, Chinese Cupping, Nutritional advice alongside muscle testing and many other modalities.
Kylie loves her work deeply, finding it such a privilege to do what she loves daily to help people and takes a very positive, nurturing and empowering approach towards healing. Having had a health crisis, emotional trauma etc  in her past herself, Kylie found a love for complimentary therapies that has kept growing over many years now. Kylie offers a comprehensive holistic overview to benefit everyone’s lives. Kylie often gets many referrals from word of mouth, so please if you feel called to see her check out her reviews here and on facebook.
As the owner of Naturale Niche Kylie takes a personal touch with every aspect to this passion of hers and makes time for everyone. I look forward to working with you.